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During Faith Camp 2010 I ventured into the Christian Bookshop and pondered over whether or not to purchase The Truth New Testament Study Edition. I already own a copy of The Truth New Testament and you can read about that on this blog.

The reason I wasn't 100% convinced on whether or not to purchase the study edition was because I already have a number of study version Bibles as well as Logos Bible Study software, so I wondered how this new study version would be of additional benefit.

What convinced me to make the purchase was because I knew the author and the reasons behind why The Truth New Testament was written.  The author is a trusted teacher of the Word and the The Truth was written out of obedience to God.

In any study version of any Bible, we recognise that we are dependant on the author who writes their version of the interpretation of the Word, we should always be aware that whenever we refer to any Bible commentaries, we are reading the opinions of the one who writes the commentary. There are some who have some wild interpretations of the Word, so we should always rely on the Holy Spirit to bear witness to our spirits of the truth.

Since I have the advantage of knowing the author and knowing he is a trusted source when it comes to the Word, this convinced me that buying The Truth New Testament Study Version would be of great benefit since I knew the vast amount of knowledge and revelation from the Holy Spirit the author had regarding the Word. This deserves a mention since I myself am always cautious of relying on another mans interpretation of the Word.

So with that said, I decided to offer a simple review of the version I purchased. I decided to go for the Burgundy Leather bound version which was priced at (I think) £25.00, the paperback version is available on their website priced at £12.00 (They did have the leather version on their also, but I can't seem to find it right now but anyone interested in purchasing the leather version could always call them up) .

I wanted to show some pictures of the version I bought (Taking into consideration I'm no David Bailey and took the pics with my phone) to give an idea of what to expect if you decide to make the purchase. I love the leather-bound edition because it is a slim size as well as pages actually stay open if you place it on your desk. The chosen font gives a modern look to the text and I find the rounded pages also appealing (Well, they do say we eat with our eyes).

Click on the images for a larger view.

Within the pages, we are presented with 3 sections:

1) The actual Bible translation of the New Testament.

The text is the same as the original Truth New Testament, written in a simple way which is suitable for all to read and understand. This translation is taken from the original languages and it is so easy to read since it has been placed in sections which enable you to quickly understand the context in which the text was written.

2) Study Notes

As well as enabling you to have further clarification on the meaning of the text from the study notes section, some notes also offer historical information which allow you to further understand how things applied when the text was written and how we can apply them to our lives today. They open up a vast amount of information that we can benefit from when it comes to us studying the word and helping us to understand and apply the word to our lives today.

3) Themes

Throughout the whole book, there are themes listed at the sides of the pages to help us understand in what theme the context fits into. This is great when you wish to look into certain themes of the word such as obedience, love, the church, faith, the kingdom, discipleship... the list goes on. The themes really do add great benefit to studying the word as well as enabling you to place the text into the right setting when it comes to additional understanding of the word.

The above picture gives you an idea of the study of the Key themes in the back of the book.

 Key Themes which are taken from the side sections of each page are listed in the back of the book to help further your study on these topics. As well as using these for study, they are also great for confessing out loud truths which apply to all of us and which can build us up in our spirits when we recognise these truths that the Lord has spoken over us.

For example, if we look at the theme Perseverance.. we can see and confess scriptures from:

Matt 24:13, Luke 18:1, John 8:31-32, John 15:4, John 15:7 etc etc etc Confessing scriptures such as these out loud you will soon find yourself thanking and praising God for His goodness, love, joy, peace, patience and many more wonderful things the Lord bestows upon us we well as simply standing in awe of who He is.

I realise I have not written this post in any kind of order when it comes to offering my review, so you will have to forgive me for that since I am pretty much writing off the cuff... anyway.. theres still more to talk about!


Some books of The New Testament Study Version have an article which talks about the main theme of the book. For example, before we get into the book of Acts, we can read an article on the Holy Spirit, since it was in Acts (Acts 2) that the Holy Spirit first came during Pentecost (as promised by Jesus) after Jesus went to the Father.

These articles are extremely useful in offering the reader some background of the book and theme, especially for those who are not yet used to studying the word.


All the books initially begin with a brief introduction. (I say books since the Bible is a library of books - 66 in all). The introductions are a valuable asset to the study version since it places us within the historical setting as well as shows us how the teachings are applicable to us today. Gods word never goes out of fashion and what was written long before we were a twinkle in our parents eyes, are still very relevant for us today, however, we don't all know the historical backgrounds or who wrote what book etc, so the intro sections of each book prove to be beneficial when it comes to understanding the context of what we are reading.

Sections 3 and 4 have already been mentioned in this post.

It is only really this year that I have really got my teeth into studying the word, and I would have to admit, it didn't prove to be an easy task.

I knew earlier this year the Lord had given me a real hunger for the word. It's like regardless of how much I read, learn, I am still not satisfied and still want more, it's like a thirst which is never quenched.

I initially found it pretty difficult in knowing where to start. I'm one of these people who knows sections of the word, but I didn't know or consider much about the historical settings. Cross referencing scripture to gain more understanding was not exactly on the forefront of my mind either since I could quote alot of scripture, but could not tell you where it was from in the Bible.

Since trying to study the word, God extends His grace to me by giving me a scripture in my mind which I would look up and receive revelation, but there is more than one way to read the word. One of the things I have realised is that I need to know the word so that I can recognise when the truth is not being preached. If we know what the word says, we recognise the truth when we hear it and can be careful when we hear something which does not come inline with the truth of the word.... but even that is just a drop in the ocean of why God would want us to know His word.

His word is truth and life to those who read it with the Holy Spirit bearing witness to our spirits of the truth. There is power in the Word and it equips us in how to live in righteousness as well as guides us in our daily walk with the Lord. There are a ton of reasons why we need to know the word and to explain that would be another book in itself, yet needless to say, we as christians are required to know the Word, the Truth... Jesus.

I have found (and am finding) that The Truth New Testament Study Version simplifies ways which enables us to study the word. Alot of the hard work has been done for us which allows us to take advantage of the revelation God has given to someone else and also offers a format (or starting point) of how we can study the word for ourselves.

I certainly recommend this study version to any Christian who is looking to study the word. I can see how it can be beneficial to those who are new to study as well as those who already have their own format in place.

Find out more on The Truth New Testament Study Edition

 I now look forward to the The Truth Old Testament Study Edition ;)

p.s. The Truth New Testament is now available for free (for a limited time only) on Iphone apps. So if you own an Iphone, search Kingdom Faith in the apps section
and download your free version of The Truth!
The Truth New Testament Study Edition Reviewed by Nicky on August 10, 2010 Rating: 5

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