Davinci Code

This video message is given by Colin Urquhart of Kingdom Faith Ministries regarding the film The Davinci Code. If you are a christian, and unsure whether you should see this film or not, Colin gives his opinion, and to be honest, I would rather hear it from him than anyone else because he knows what he's on about.

Edit: Ah well, there was a vid saying something along the lines that the best shelf for the book was the bin.. or something like that.. It's not there now as the site has been updated since then... moving on.
Davinci Code Reviewed by Nicky on May 25, 2006 Rating: 5


  1. Hey Nicky,
    That is a great post. Colin Urquhart says in a five short minutes what my post, " “The DaVinci Code” VS The Book" says in five minutes...
    I really like the fact that he doesn't address any particular 'heresy' in the book/movie. He stresses the importance of knowing the Bible, not the heresy...

    In Christ,

  2. nicky7:45 pm

    Hey Unchained, hows it going? :D

    Yeh, Colin has a way of hitting at the core rather than dancing around the edges.

    I was wondering if this book/movie was something I needed to get clued up on because there was so much talk about it, I'm glad to have found out it's not necessary, and interested to read in your blog that "Where in the Bible does it tell us to learn the ways of evil".

    It's the kind of thing I don't really want to get drawn into, so happy to stick to the truth ;)

    Hope your refreshed and recovered.

    Every blessing.


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